Impact of Our Sexy Culture

This is a look at the impact of Sigmund Freud and his libido obsession.

“But apart from theories about the sexual revolution, what is the record? Has it in fact been a good thing to turn our society into an open-hearth furnace of insatiable sexual activity? Who but a fool would not agree that fearful days have come upon our society because the fire-intended by God to burn within the furnace of married love-has now begun to burn across the dry and defenseless landscape?

“In America, the results are clearly seen. For every two marriages there is one divorce. Although we may argue that divorce takes place for other reasons, everyone knows the real reason. The philanderers are destroying the sacred institution of marriage in America and turning the home into a temporary stopping place rather than a permanent and blessed residence.

“One wonders that a society could become so gross and so stupid at the same time, believing that libido determines everything. In fact, the lack of perception concerning these things in our present society may be an indication that unbridled sex produces not only the destruction of the flesh but the deterioration of the mind as well.

“The sexual revolution has also moved into the commercial society. The nearly unclothed feminine figure has become the catalyst for selling automobiles, clothing, air conditioning systems, and a hundred other unrelated items, with some to be noted but not to be mentioned.

What debilitation, what fatigue, what depression, what premature death has this produced in our society? No one will ever be able to estimate. Heaven can only suggest what marvelous individual and social advancements our world might have known had it not chosen to pour its vital, youthful energies into the sinking, sexual sands of time. What careers have been blasted, what potential melted into nothing, what great accomplishments never achieved because of our generation’s incredibly nonsensical preoccupation with that never-to-be-achieved will-o’-the-wisp, that ever-unfulfilled pseudo-promise of sexual fulfillment?” (emphasis mine)

~ Dave Breese, Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave, (Chicago: Moody Press, 1990), pgs. 142-143


Let us take a critical look at the world around us. How did we get here? How can we change for the better?

Additional note, I highly recommend this book. Especially for anyone who would like a clearer understanding of where our society is and why. This will not be all-inclusive to that end, obviously, but nevertheless it shines much light on our current world. Blessings.

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