“My Skin”

A collaboration of a fair degree –

My skin is only a part of what’s a part of me,

A trait that is God given,

An illustration of His deep personality.

My skin is not the definition of me,

Nor will it ever be.

Here, It’s used as a social classification

So that I may have a place in this nation,

But to see my skin is just simply

To scratch the surface of the depth of me.

It’s a color to add to the flavor of me,

It’s not a favor of me,

It’s not an excuse,

A question, or a marvel of me.

It’s not a reason either,

A reason for you to judge

On the basis of whatever it is you think of me.

It’s my mother’s honor and my pop’s seed,

So in turn, it’s a perception of me

Through what they have given to me.

Scientifically it is a boundary –

A boundary from the outside parasite gaining entry,

And a boundary for what’s inside me

To stay in operation in their home; my body.

So if you wish to know anything about me

You must look past what you see initially,

And look into the depth of my eyes to see me.

Do not stop at the surface you see,

Get past the façade of melanin

And see the depth of me!

And that also goes for any other man

Standing next to me!

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