US: compared with abortion numbers, homicide numbers a drop in the bucket

via US: compared with abortion numbers, homicide numbers a drop in the bucket

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  1. Thank you very much for the reblog — greatly appreciated.

    I was shocked to see the statistics on abortion. ‘Rare’? Never.

    • No problem. Thank you for pushing truth! Indeed, very sad!

      • ‘Thank you for pushing truth!’ You’re entirely welcome.

        I give full credit to my reader underground pewster for the alert.

        These abortion figures are very sad, indeed.

        All being well, our readers will see these posts and spread them far and wide.

        Meanwhile, prayers for the aborted babies, especially those who are viable and experiencing painful deaths.

        How many look like this adorable one pictured below?

        Fortunately, this infant’s parents loved her enough to fulfil God’s intended wishes:

        In closing, I do enjoy your blog, which has many thought-provoking posts.

        • Thank you for that encouragement. I’m trying and hoping to ramp up my posting as well. Prayers appreciated!

          • With all the Moloch madness going on now, we must bring this subject to the forefront.

            Prayers ascending.

  2. The stats on abortion is staggering. Wow!

    • Agreed. Heartbreaking!

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