Palm Fronds

Photo by Liz RoMo from Pexels

I am blessed above most
Yet forged in hardships
My story’s genesis
Wrought in confusion

One bright morning
In the flower of my youth
As the sun rays painted
My field in golden hues

Strangers came wandering
Down the road
Loosing my bonds
Taking me from my land

My master intervenes
Yet my calm quickly fades
Language is foreign to me
Panic grips me as I am led away

Walking over unfamiliar gravel
Confusion hazing my heart
Taken to more men
Their master is strange

Fear grips me sternly
As he emits power
Knees quiver like winter storms
Yet soul is at unspeakable peace

These unfamiliar faces
Lay burdenous sacks upon me
As they beckon me to walk
Transporting their master about

Young and strong
Growing weary
Doubting my abilities

Miles later, I see life
The city lies ahead
What a commotion stirs
Dust like English clouds

Blessing or destruction
What lies ahead
Shouts and tears
Cacophony twists my ears

These strange faces around
Seem to be twisting joyously
I ease for the moment
While nerves genuflect within

Trod soft leaves and jackets
Laid before us by the swell
Strength arises within
As the moment’s weight unfolds

My deed told thousands of years before
My task confusing, hard
My spirit like tall grass swayed
Dancing like rhythm and blews

All the servants to be picked
I was chosen – incomprehensible –
Blessed as I carried
The Triumphant King!

© Joshua Curtis, 2019

Welcome to Holy Week – 2019!

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  1. I love how simple and yet, so beautiful, your poetry is! Also, OOOOOH. We’re already almost halfway though the challenge woot woot. (I still can’t figure out if I should be saying Nobleman or Joshua.)

    • Wow, thank you. I appreciate it! Very humbling. Joshua is fine. I know, it’s going by! Excited and nervous about what may be next! Lol

      • It’ll all be goooooood. Here: 🧸 to brighten your day.

        • Thanks!

        • Hopefully I am able to return the favor.

          • Yes!

  2. […] looked as if he was amazed to be chosen for this job. He seemed to be soaking up the moment – incomprehensible; yet somehow maybe […]

  3. I love this. Chosen to carry the triphamt king. Your poems are great.

    • Thank you! Very humbling. I will be posting a new one shortly carrying on the tread. Hope you enjoy that one too. I appreciate the feedback!

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