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To Whom this May Find

I just had to write this down.

Yesterday was … (how do I find the right words; Father, please help me) … historical and amazing. My family just arrived in Jerusalem. We got here early this year, by G-d’s good grace, early for the Passover.

The scene was unbelievable. A group quickly amassed with palm branches. I was intrigued, but nervous as the city has been in such turmoil. They crowed the city’s Golden Gate in a throng. Then their voices raised to the skies – Hosanna, Hosanna; blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. My spirit moved and leap within in.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but an immense and royal joy came over me. I pressed closer to the scene as palm branches waved and were thrown down. A group of men come marching into the city riding on the accolades and praise of the crowd.

Then I saw the face of the colt. He was excited but tired as his face almost looked as if he was amazed to be chosen for this job. He seemed to be soaking up the moment – incomprehensible; yet somehow maybe true…

Then I saw him – the Rabbi all the fuss was about. I had heard of his fame and great works before I ever saw him, but to see him … There was something so regal and powerful. It was like being by him made you breathless and yet you realized he was the giver of breath. His name, Yeshua.

I’m still fairly young and I have a long way to go in my studies, but I know what the significance of him riding into the city on a colt meant. His declaration of being the triumphant King. Is the time now?! The leaders of the Pharisees do not think so. You should see them scowling around! They argue with everyone about him being the Messiah. I want to yell, “Haven’t you seen his works!”, but I must respect my elders and do not wish to embarrass by parents.

This has to be it! He has to be the Messiah! This must be the end of the Romans!! Redemption must be nigh!

As I look forward to Passover, I am not sure what this week may bring!

Hopefully I will write something else at the end of it all.

Blessings to you,
Yehosuah (Joshua for you that will be reading this thousands of years from now in weird languages!)

As we continue the march through Holy Week, may we put ourselves back in that time and walk with our Lord in his love and passion.

To my brothers and sisters in France (and any who were affected) – prayers with you!
© Joshua Curtis, 2019

Low-angle Photography of Notre Dame

Photo by Ashley Elena from Pexels

Low Angle Photography of Religious Catherdral

Photo by Kris Schulze from Pexels

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  1. I love! Also, those photos are beautiful!!

    • Thank you!

    • Why do you love it? How can it be better?

      • You’re super expressive. Maybe add MORE photos!

        • Okay. Thanks for the feedback!

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