Paralytic Prayers and Postures

adult alone backlit black and white

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Abba, I am trying to enter the Sabbath – obey –
But I am, well, I am … … don’t know what to say, 

I can’t believe he’s gone – I … can’t breathe, 
The Messiah! Why did he leave?! 

And he left me responsible for his mother
I am glad he saw me as his true brother! 

Plus, we are scared and are hidden, 
Will we forever now be outcasts – forbidden? 


I remember the day he called me to follow, 
With my brother – left father in the boat’s hollow, 

I loved him so much. Abba, what’s in store for us? 
I … … don’t really know what to say, plus, 

Feel like I can’t move. My pose and posture paralytic, 
I feel too numb to pray or to write a lyric. 

Please, just wrap me in my arms and help me rest, 
Give me strength to still give my best … … 

Monochrome Photography of Person On Dark Room

Photo by Akshar Dave from Pexels


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  2. I love you this one too, Joshua!

    • Thanks mom!

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