What a Reading List!

Douglass Wilson, Christian apologist, author, speaker, educator, podcaster, pastor, etc., is certainly been known to stir the pot from time to time. He is not always appreciated for his perspectives, to say the least.

However, he has had a positive impact on my thinking in certain areas and there have been many things that he has taught that have surely been a blessing to me and helped me along the way.

One area he focuses on that I really appreciate is on good, solid education – both for oneself and as a parent teaching their children. He puts a lot of emphasis on reading, learning and growing. As such, I knew he was an avid reader, but I just recently ran across his reading list and, wowsers!

Not only is is quite extensive, which I expected, what really messed me up is how thoroughly documented it is! It is just shy of 3,000 titles and spans 41 years!

Feel free to check it out here: https://dougwils.com/book-log#t2020

I have some work to do!

Hope your reading is going well!

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