First off, I am very grateful for you coming by my page today. I appreciate it!

Who am I? Well, like all of us, this is a loaded question for such a brief answer. Nonetheless, my name is Joshua and I am from the United States. I was born and raised in Indiana and have spent a few years in Idaho. I am currently back in Indiana, but my heart is still in Idaho…

I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my King & Savior and I attempt to be a faithful servant of his. I am the husband of a fantastic woman and my best friend. We have three wonderful children together.

Why the name? Well, three things really. First of all, it is who I desire and hope to be as I walk with Christ. Second, it is part of what my name means. And third, it is a combination of my grandfathers’ names.

What will you find here? Many things. Almost all of my writing has to do with Jesus or Christianity in someway or another. I have theological reflections, book quotes, random thoughts here and there, and some poetry mixed in as well. I am currently really trying to decide what my primary motif will be. We shall see.

If you like what you read, please join me on this journey. If not, that’s cool too. Thank you for coming by either way.

Blessings to you!

– Joshua ~ NoblemanWarrior

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