Vibrations & Vortex

Here are two old ones … Vortex I put up before as a off, but here is a picture. Hope you enjoy.

© Joshua Curtis, 2019

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calm body of water

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toddler girl sitting on floor

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nature red love romantic

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26 April 2019


1 . Sun begins quest; invigorates life and beauty  – warmth to all

2. Water cultivates blessings; bequeaths life through stages yielded

3. Stars uniquely blaze; inquisition sparked at their shining glory

4. Creatures unequivocally abound – in quiet abundance – our joy

5. Pupils and irises bleed liquid at breathtaking sights; lovely

6. Beautiful babies conquering love; capturing hearts without trying

7. Undeniably life is quickened and infused by beauty’s intensity!

Romans 1.19-20 – “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

I implore you, look around. In the midst of the swirling darkness; bullets zooming, bombs igniting, fists flying, beauty abounds. Look past the darkness of the veil. At the eyes of the owl, the immovability of a mountain’s beauty; the joy of a baby through the pain of bearing that child. God’s nature echoes through all of creation. He is constantly present, even when we can’t see him. The presence of his holding hands when we don’t comprehend the workings of his fingers! His name and goodness – ubiquity! He is like that word in this poem – always present though seemingly hiding within the shadows. But, when the veil is removed…


1 . Sun begins quest; invigorates life and beauty  – warmth to all

2. Water cultivates blessings; bequeaths life through stages yielded

3. Stars uniquely blaze; inquisition sparked at their shining glory

4. Creatures unequivocally abound – in quiet abundance – our joy

5. Pupils and irises bleed liquid at breathtaking sights; lovely

6. Beautiful babies conquering love; capturing hearts without trying

7. Undeniably life is quickened and infused by beauty’s intensity!


We see the truth of its presence. With him, we see the truth we’ve been seeking when the veil’s removed.

Soak up the beauty around and the source of that beauty!

Peace be with you – because he’s available!

© Joshua Curtis, 2019

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23 April 2019

sin on! Losing all of my grips
you say that I am going to win, Ultimately
can you see me as for provision I Faithfully wait
am I able to, there are Kids to feed and give vision
Nightingale song stale melting within me that which is
glorious, Amazingly you fail at all I heal
I trust I’m found Harmonious within, as in you,
me in your way, presence, Lord oh, Turn right around!


black and white cemetery christ church

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man sitting on edge facing sunset

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person playing dj controller

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Turn me, oh Lord, in your presence, right way around!
Harmonious within, as I trust in you I’m found,
mazingly glorious you heal all that I fail,
Nightingale song melting within me that which is stale
Kids there are to feed and I am able to give vision,
Faithfully you can see me, as I wait for provision,
Ultimately, you say that I am going to win
Losing all of my grips on sin!

© Joshua Curtis, 2019

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21 April 2019


In the midst of life’s trench,
Aha! A wood-chip rooted bench,
A sweet aroma – escaping moist stench –
The blessed moment to seize, clench!

Three children blissfully play, as we
Flanked by each flower and tree,
Washed in waves of sun and breeze – glee –
As an old friend – nestled in hand – sits with me.

Ushered into the presence of God,
As we – across the lawn – march, trod,
Over the imbalance of Spring’s semi-dry sod;
Coffee sip, book trembles lip, kids flip – to Creator I nod!

I want to thank all of you for the likes and support you have given lately. This A-Z Challenge has been very good. I really enjoyed deciding to do a segment on Holy Week in the middle of the challenge. It didn’t end quite as strong as I was hoping, but I did what I could with working a lot of hours, kids, etc.

Story time

Today was beautiful here in the Midwest of the US. I actually got to read a little today to and outside no less! I LOVE books. However, I don’t get to read often – certainly not often enough. Unfortunately, although the love was always there, it was not cultivated in me early on. Instead I spent most of my time playing basketball or video games. Those activities were fine in themselves, but I was neglecting my real desire all along. I didn’t really get into reading too much until high school and it was sporadic at best. I do remember when I started to love books though – or, at least when it made an impact on me.

I was a little boy. I shared a room with one of my brothers and we had bunk beds. My bed was on the bottom – which meant I took most of the abuse from my brother throwing things at me, etc. I digress. One particular night, our mother was putting us to bed. She washed the sheets and was making our beds. She finished my bed first. I jumped into the bed and snuggled up into the fresh sheets as she started making my brother’s bed.

As I laid there while they chatted away, I looked across the room. In the corner opposite of my bed there was a stack of books on the floor. I heard them beckoning! Being the obedient child I was … ahem … I jumped out of the bed and went over to the stack of books. I remember that I couldn’t even read. I remember not knowing what the words said, but still fascinated as I looked at each one of them. They just kept chatting away and I paid no mind, knowing my mother would be interrupting soon to usher me back into my bed. I was enthralled in the moment. Amazed as these books just captured my heart – not even knowing what they said!

BAM! My heart lept within. What in the world was going on! A very loud crash behind me! I spun around to see what had happened. Both my mother and brother stood their with bewilderment and shock on their faces. The bunk bed had collapsed as the top bunk – with reinforced wood and all – came tumbling down onto the bottom bunk. The best decision of my childhood right there. Getting out of that bed to gaze upon these books. I think I was actually obeying in that moment. Obeying God as he called me from that frame to look at these stories across the room … I don’t remember anything else from that day or what we did after our beds went out of commission. I’m guessing we slept on the floor, or the coach perhaps? At any rate, I have been drawn to books since this time.

I can just walk through the library and just feel lost … at home. I want to just be present and browse for hours.

As far as writing, that came later. I started writing poetry mostly because of girls. “Hey girl, check out these lines, they all mines!” Yeah, it didn’t start off too well, but growth does happen. It was also the movie Finding Forrester, still one of my favorite movies. If only I could write as well as that! Then I became a Christian and he became the focus of my attention and the thrall of what I desire to express. Maybe I would have been better if I would have worked on enhancing this desire and gift versus everything else that I have done. But, it’s okay. He works it all out for good.

As you continue to join me on this journey, hopefully you will see some growth and good things happening. In the meantime, thank you all! Feedback is welcome! Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts.

Sublime blessings to you!

© Joshua Curtis, 2019

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Resurrection Reports


The Conclusion – and beginning – of Holy Week.


During the Festival of Sukkot – in Autumn – there is an eight day celebration. Sukkot goes for one week and then there is an extra day that is set apart. It’s a 7+1 celebration. There is something significant about eight days in Scripture. Now, this isn’t something that we need to get weird about – as we have a tendency to do. It just shows us God is up to something … (For an introduction to Sukkot and the eight days, here is one website you can check out; and I’m sure there are many – and I am not promoting them, I’m just saying they talk about it).

I only bring this up for two quick reasons. One, we see Jesus do this during holy week. He began on Palm Sunday and proceeds for a week through the Sabbath on Saturday. And then, something very significant happens that 7+1 – that eighth – day!

Second, I am intrigued by so many of you all and the work you put into your blog. One of the things that I find creative is the six word stories. I want to try and tackle this, however, in lieu of the special eight days, I wanted to record just a few of the people that witnessed this event in eight word stories. Oh boy!

I moved the stone, sat on top; gazed!

Roman Guards
We guarded, angel rolled the stone – we ran!

Religious Leaders
       He did what?! Here’s more money soldiers. Lie!


photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers

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       Sun rises. To tomb – spices. Gardener? Son rises!

I run faster. Peter enters. Heart perplexed; stirred!

I’m slower, but enter tomb first. He lives!

Two Walkers
He walked, hearts burned. Fed us, eyes opened!

I don’t believe – must feel him … … Lord Jesus!

The Eleven
Doors locked; scared. How did you get here?!
Whose cooking breakfast on shore? That’s our Lord!

I will stop them all! … … “Paul!” … My Lord!

       We all give witness – we have seen him!

Person Spreading Hands Against Sun

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels


Two Yellow Flowers Surrounded by Rocks

Photo by Nacho Juárez from Pexels

I hope you all have a wonder day!

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Quandering Quest

Questions quickly quake,

Quill quietly quivers.

Quest quelled by quibbler’s quib –

Quid pro quo; for quandary, quarters and quagmire!

Questant queasy … quitting quill for qiviut quilt.

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Paralytic Prayers and Postures

adult alone backlit black and white

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Abba, I am trying to enter the Sabbath – obey –
But I am, well, I am … … don’t know what to say, 

I can’t believe he’s gone – I … can’t breathe, 
The Messiah! Why did he leave?! 

And he left me responsible for his mother
I am glad he saw me as his true brother! 

Plus, we are scared and are hidden, 
Will we forever now be outcasts – forbidden? 


I remember the day he called me to follow, 
With my brother – left father in the boat’s hollow, 

I loved him so much. Abba, what’s in store for us? 
I … … don’t really know what to say, plus, 

Feel like I can’t move. My pose and posture paralytic, 
I feel too numb to pray or to write a lyric. 

Please, just wrap me in my arms and help me rest, 
Give me strength to still give my best … … 

Monochrome Photography of Person On Dark Room

Photo by Akshar Dave from Pexels


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Osteoporosis Poses

Good Friday


Thank you Suki for this second picture prompt! Hopefully I can give it some justice…

Here are the rules for this one taken from her page:

Feel free to join in this challenge and write a post, be it a poem, short story or any other thoughts you have about the picture. Or, drop me a comment below and leave your thoughts with me…

Looking forward to reading your ideas…

Little Rants, yep, I tag you again! This one doesn’t have a word count limit though, so that’s a plus! Lol. Anyone else up for this challenge?


19 April 2019

“Osteoporosis Poses”




I’m enigmatic!
Come close if you want
To feel the static
While I tickle your fabric –
Panic is automatic!
Fervent heat moving vehement elements,
As the strongest, before me,
Take osteoporosis poses,
Knees weak and buckle
As they yell pleads and pleas –
Many pleases,
But the fiercest babble with
Sniffles and sneezes
Before me –
Just wait until they meet my King –

… … …

Father rouses me to action

… … …

Although I am a force of power –
Also the results of my Master’s thoughts flashing –
At the final battle, I will be at the forefront,
In the valley for time last, good and evil clashing!

Today, however, is not the day!
Ah, roused for a special task indeed,
For the Father’s making a descent to earth,
I am his robe; the procession – I lead.

We descend in darkness and thunderous claps,
Approaching to … Wait! What is this I see?!
Is that … … it’s my glorious King!
Hanging by nails upon that tree?!

Anger kindled, I let out a flash,
Along with a thunderous cry,
I look into the face of the Father,
As tears well up in his eyes.

Upon the surrounding hills I weep,
In the form of large rain drops,
In a flash of bright blue to ominous orange,
I strike down on one of the hill tops.

The Father looks upon the face of his son,
Being crushed under weight of world’s sin,
Then he moves through the city,
And his temple he enters in.

The huge veil he rents in passionate force,
Right down the full length of the middle,
Ripping his covering and clothed in my darkness –
Sackcloth and ashes. What is this riddle?!

As I look upon my King – blood pooled below,
I have no more shock left within – I’m listless,
Osteoporosis poses – I go limp like … his body;
No thunderous cry … … I am … … speechless.

© Joshua Curtis, 2019

See also: Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 19, & Psalm 18

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Night Befalls

Holy Week 2019 proceeds…

Night ushers in, clothed in silvery gleam,
As Luna shimmers bright, entering Passover full steam,
Joy around table, supping cups;
Mood changes – he teaches his body, Covenant New,
And that one would betray him, he says out of the blue,
Nervous, but Judas continuously sups.

Priest Holding Hostia

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

We go for a stroll through silvery gardens,
He says I will deny him! Heart slightly hardens.
He teaches urgently for hours.
Judas absent; Jesus doesn’t waste a breath,
Why does he keep speaking about his death?!
What does he mean?! The mood sours.

Selective Focus Photography of Turned-on Black Metal Framed Light Sconce

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

We enter the Garden of Gethsemane,
Dark shadows crawl from each olive tree;
He implores us to stay awake.
As the night lingers he slouches – weighed down
Like his spirit was sinking, or already drown –
Sleep conquers; wine our consciousness takes.

Forest Photography

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

Aroused from nap as he implores with urgency,
Unaware Judas had a fistful of currency,
A stones throw away, he collapses to pray,
“Abba, he’s full of sorrow, what’s wrong with our Yeshua?”
Faltering on warning, “Stay awake, it will behoove ya’.”
Eyelids crash – I’m sleep’s prey.

Assassin's Creed Movie Scene

Photo by Rajul Sharma from Pexels

He awakens us again, bloodstained at peace, says time is nigh,
As we see the approach of torches – do we fly?!
He stands steadfast and resolute;
Crowd with clubs and swords. Is that Judas leading?!
Hearts racing – revolution beginning? Mind’s pleading!
Judas kisses his cheek; to the enemies a salute!

Hell and mayhem break loose,
They grab my Rabbi! I’m cooking their goose!
Fighting for life, I unsheathe my sword,
Swing it like a battle ax to split his crown,
He dodges, but I take his ear, spilling blood on gown;
Rebukes me and heals the uncircumcised swine! I’m floored!

Looking around, most of my friends already fled,
From our Rabbi who our spirits he faithfully fed,
Despondent and confused, I chose to flee;
Running into darkness away from the torches flames,
Breathless, fear settles as the anger tames,
I yell, “Abba, how can this be?!”

Silhouette of Man Running on Forest

Photo by Etienne Marais from Pexels

I follow the mob at a distance,
Is this the end? Deflated hope of resistance?
I continue lurking in the shadows,
One friend with me; they take Jesus inside.
My friend goes in as Jesus they begin to deride.
I remain out and try to blend with the flows.

Grayscale Photography of Girl's Face

Photo by omar alnahi from Pexels

The crowd continues to question, hit and mock,
Courage sinks like quicksand – I’m supposed to be the rock –
They beat him and accuse him with lies!
My face and accent give me away,
They say I’m with him, I deny my Lord – I sway!
The rooster sings thrice – oh, Jesus’ eyes! – sunrise …

Man's Hand in Shallow Focus and Grayscale Photography

Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels

© Joshua Curtis, 2019

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© Joshua Curtis, 2019

The final thoughts
Of a dying man;
How could I hatch this plan?
Drawn by a curse,
The lure of the purse,
Outcome – drinking down curse, full brim;

full frame shot of eye

Photo by Vladislav Reshetnyak on

Let’s slow down a bit,
I have yet to betray him.
Who knows what tonight will bring.
But how did I get here?
False expectations!
Mixed with a bit of pride, I fear.

mountains nature arrow guide

Photo by Jens Johnsson on

He’s the Messiah – the way?!
Ha! Supposed to defeat these Romans!
He’s just a showman!
Instead of marching and conquering,
We’re washing ankles and toes;
He knows best you would suppose,
But I grow – discontent!

alcoholic beer cars city

Photo by rebcenter moscow on

I should repent,
But to my feelings I relent!
My intent? I don’t even know at this time,
Sell him for nickles and dimes?
A prophet for a profit … ?
He’ll probably escape like every time before,
Him, I used to adore, at least pretended to.
But when deciding on this sin;
Too late, no more time to implore,
As a strange presence enters in …

man horror male creepy

Photo by Tookapic on

Luke 22.3-6 | Then Satan entered into Judas called Iscariot, who was of the number of the twelve. He went away and conferred with the chief priests and officers how he might betray him to them. And they were glad, and agreed to give him money. So he consented and sought an opportunity to betray him to them in the absence of a crowd.

Continued blessings on this Holy Week.
© Joshua Curtis, 2019

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