Osteoporosis Poses

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19 April 2019

“Osteoporosis Poses”




I’m enigmatic!
Come close if you want
To feel the static
While I tickle your fabric –
Panic is automatic!
Fervent heat moving vehement elements,
As the strongest, before me,
Take osteoporosis poses,
Knees weak and buckle
As they yell pleads and pleas –
Many pleases,
But the fiercest babble with
Sniffles and sneezes
Before me –
Just wait until they meet my King –

… … …

Father rouses me to action

… … …

Although I am a force of power –
Also the results of my Master’s thoughts flashing –
At the final battle, I will be at the forefront,
In the valley for time last, good and evil clashing!

Today, however, is not the day!
Ah, roused for a special task indeed,
For the Father’s making a descent to earth,
I am his robe; the procession – I lead.

We descend in darkness and thunderous claps,
Approaching to … Wait! What is this I see?!
Is that … … it’s my glorious King!
Hanging by nails upon that tree?!

Anger kindled, I let out a flash,
Along with a thunderous cry,
I look into the face of the Father,
As tears well up in his eyes.

Upon the surrounding hills I weep,
In the form of large rain drops,
In a flash of bright blue to ominous orange,
I strike down on one of the hill tops.

The Father looks upon the face of his son,
Being crushed under weight of world’s sin,
Then he moves through the city,
And his temple he enters in.

The huge veil he rents in passionate force,
Right down the full length of the middle,
Ripping his covering and clothed in my darkness –
Sackcloth and ashes. What is this riddle?!

As I look upon my King – blood pooled below,
I have no more shock left within – I’m listless,
Osteoporosis poses – I go limp like … his body;
No thunderous cry … … I am … … speechless.

© Joshua Curtis, 2019

See also: Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 19, & Psalm 18

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