Book Review w/ J. Curtis | The Final Quest

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Book Info –

Title: The Final Quest
Author: Rick Joyner
Publisher: MorningStar Publications
Year: 1996
My Genre Category: Christian Prophecy/Fiction


Synopsis (3/5)

The Final Quest is the first book of Mr. Joyner’s trilogy. It is based on a prophetic dream Mr. Joyner had regarding the last days of earth and the spiritual battles that are ensuing. It gives a “peek behind the veil” of the battles between the spiritual forces of good and evil, along with the roles that Christians play in these battles.

Content/Writing (4/5)

Much of the writing was well done. It gives some intriguing insights into our spiritual lives along with what we encounter day-to-day (and over the course of years of our lives) may look like from a Heavenly perspective. I did have a high appreciation for many of those aspects of the book. In addition, I think Mr. Joyner had very good descriptions along the way. Enjoyable read certainly.

Design/Font/In Hand (3/5)

Average. Font was plan, but easy to navigate. The addition I have is small and fits in the hand well. Nice companion for the nightstand or for traveling with. Additionally, the chapters were broken up into sections well which I appreciate, particularly for night reading. Designs were nice as well.

Impact (4/5)

I would go slightly above average on impact for me. I tend to be cautious – maybe to my own fault, granted – about “prophetic” works. I just tread cautiously with getting too caught up with certain details that we may take with more confidence than we ought. However, I did find portions of this work profoundly encouraging. Particularly the interactions with Christ. In that regard, for me it was like reading Narnia and having an encouraging encounter with Aslan. Thus, I go slightly above average.

Recommend (3/5)

I certainly would not put this in a must-read category, however, if you like a good story or if you find interest in Christian Eschatology, this work may be enjoyable and even impactful. Give it a go!


“I finally asked one of them why they did this, as even the smallest was much more powerful than I was. ‘Because of the mantle,’ he replied. ‘That is the highest rank in the kingdom.’ ‘This is just a plain mantle,’ I protested. ‘No!’ the angel insisted. ‘You are clothed in the grace of God. There is no greater power than that!’”

Rick Joyner. The Final Quest (Fort Mill: MorningStar Publications, 1996), 62

“And love will be what bring My kingdom. Love is the banner over My army, and under this banner you must now fight.”

Ibid, 170

Overview (3.4/5)

Overall, I really enjoyed this book as a personal read. Again, I think at times Mr. Joyner comes off as this work being an authoritative prophetic vision. I could be reading too much into that. I proceed with much caution with any work with a “thus saith the Lord” type of approach. However, it was a good story and gave me much to ponder while also providing comfort and encouragement in the face of life circumstances. It was worth the read.


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