Project 5782 | An Introduction

Dear Reader,

I hope this finds you well!

Life has been sweet and satiating, but quite busy and in the grip of organized chaos. However, I think the long period of neglect to this site is now come to an end…at least that’s my hope.

I am looking to transition into a new career soon which will allow my schedule to open just a little bit. I am hopeful that this small window of flexibility will allow me to work on this blog and put up at least one post everyday over the next year (going from Sukkot 2021 – Sukkot 2022). I am calling this new daily positing challenge Project 5782.

The format I am considering will be kept simple. My biggest self-challenge and concern at present is consistency. As such, here is the format I will be considering presently – of course, doing it for a year, things may change up.


  • Scripture Quote
    • This will be something that struck me in my reading.
    • I may also add my own thoughts to the passage or why I chose that one.
  • Book Quote
    • Something that strikes me from a book that I will be currently reading.
    • May also come from an article or website, but mostly it will be from books, hence the name.
    • I may also add my own thoughts to the quote or why I chose that one.
  • Provocative Language
    • This will simply be quote from a sentence, paragraph, song, speech, etc. that I enjoy for the way it is written. Language that catches my attention for one reason or another.
    • This could be for the flow of the words woven together or the idea strikes me in a way to cause me to pause and think for a bit.
  • I may also throw in some random items from time to time or provide an update on something in my life…we’ll see.

Saturday (and other Sabbaths)

  • Scripture Quotes
    • I will have longer and/or more Scriptures quoted on these days.
  • Praise
    • I will add a portion of praise. This will mostly be a song, but could also be a piece of art, poem etc.
  • Liturgy
    • I will add in a portion of Liturgy that strikes me for that day/from that week.
  • Prayer
    • I will add in a liturgical or personal prayers for that week as well.
  • Teaching
    • I will not do this every week, but periodically I will also add in a teaching of some sort to go along with that week from somebody I may be listening to.
  • Could add other random things periodically too. I guess we’ll find out!

I hope you can enjoy at least some of this journey with me. As always, as things stick you, please feel free to like/comment/share.


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  1. Catching up my blog reading, looking forward to reading your posts however often it will be.

    • Thank you so much. That is always highly valued and appreciated coming from you! Hope you enjoy too…

      • Thank you Bro! Blessings!

    • Oh, and I think you will like the “Provocative Language” section from today’s post! …

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